Bogey Hills Baptist Church
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Loving God and Loving People


Coby has served as the pastor of Bogey Hills since May of 1999.  He also serves as the director of Powell Terrace Food Pantry.  

All thirteen of us!

 left to right - Andrew, Luanna, Kaila, Nolan, Sawyer, Abby, Pastor Coby, Leslie, Noah, Angela, Anna, Ashlynn, Allison


Coby grew up in the small town of Glen Rose, TX. (About 50 miles southwest of Ft. Worth.) Prior to coming to Bogey Hills, Coby served as the youth pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Glen Rose, TX, (1992-1995) and youth, music, and education pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Muskogee, OK. (1995-1998)

Coby received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO in 1992.

Coby and his wife Leslie reside in St. Charles and have six children: Andrew and his wife Kaila, Abby, Allison, Anna, Angela and her husband Noah, and Ashlynn.  They are also blessed with three grandchildren, Nolan, Sawyer and Luanna.  

Leslie is an accomplished pianist, and plays the keyboard for the Bogey Hills Praise Team.  She also works for NISC in Lake St. Louis as the Mapwise team lead.  Andrew is a graduate from Lindenwood University with a BA in Business and Marketing. He also works for NISC in Lake St. Louis.   Kaila is a graduate from St. Charles Community College and a stay-at-home mom. She does an awesome job taking care of Nolan, Sawyer and Luanna.  Nolan attends Coverdell Elementary in St. Charles.  Abby attends Lindenwood University and is pursuing an English education degree.    Allison is a graduate from UMSL with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree. She is a cardiac nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles.  Anna also attends UMSL and is pursuing a Music Education degree.  Angela is a graduate from St. Charles Community College.  Noah also works at NISC in Lake St. Louis and attends St. Charles Community College.  Ashlynn attends St. Charles High School and is actively involved in sports and music. 

The Boyd family spends a lot of time together centered around the kid’s activities. With any spare time, Coby can be found at the movies with his wife or watching football or Criminal Minds on television.