Community Groups

Groups are currently on hold until we feel it is safe to reconvene. We hope to begin as soon as possible!


Community groups are weekly Bible study groups that meet to discuss the Pastor Coby's sermon. Discussion questions are used to provoke thought and insight into the scripture.

When Do They Meet?

We have a few options! A daytime adult group meets Tuesday mornings at Bogey Hills. Wednesday evening adult groups meet in members' homes around St. Charles and St. Peters. The youth community group meets at Bogey Hills.



10 - 11:30 am Meets at Bogey Hills



6:30 - 7:45 pm Meets in homes in St. Charles & St. Peters



6 - 8 pm Meets at Bogey Hills

Community Group Leaders

Pastor Coby Boyd (Tuesday Adults)
Stefan and Jodi Arndt (Wednesday Adults)
Andrew and Kaila Boyd (Youth)
Pastor Coby and Leslie Boyd (Wednesday Adults)
Andrew and Jenn Scott (Wednesday Adults)

Interested In Joining a Community Group?

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