Powell Terrace Work Day

May 18 9:00 am  |  Powell Terrace Food Pantry

Powell Terrace Food Pantry, Boone Avenue, Saint Charles, MO, USA

Join us at Powell Terrace Food Pantry on Saturday, May 18th beginning at 9 am. There are a number of projects that we’ll be tackling to fix and update some key areas of the pantry.

List of projects to complete on work day.

  1. Paint front of house and outside of garage area: If you think you will help with this job, we will supply the paint and some brushes and rollers. If you have brushes and/or rollers at home, please bring those.
  2. Wash garage floor

  3. Clean out upstairs front bedroom

  4. Replace siding piece that has hole in it.

  5. Bushes in front of house all need to be removed: If you’d like to help with this, please bring a shovel or any other garden tools that might make the job easier.

All other cleaning products and machinery will be provided, as well as instruction on how to clean the concrete floor.